The Hackney Bike Workshop will be running a reduced service

Please come along if your bicycle is in need of maintenance, but we will be unable to help with bike-building projects as we are still a little short of volunteers.
We know that people need to be able to cycle for exercise and so that they can avoid public transport, for this reason we are opening up this week to fulfil this need.
Due to the COVID 19 situation, we continue to make adaptations to the way the workshop will be operating. We will be working outside and no-one should enter the building without requesting permission to do so.
So please take a couple of minutes to read the information below so that you can inform yourself of how the sessions will work and what is expected of everybody in order that we all keep safe.  
It is very important that if you think that you might have any COVID19 symptoms as per or if you are living with or think you might have been in contact with anybody who has these symptoms that you do not attend the workshop.

The workshop will take place with the required 2- metre distancing maintained at all times between everybody. Please wear a facemask to protect yourself and others.
There will be a one-way system of entry and exit with people expected to keep the necessary physical distance of 2 metres and stay in a single file whilst waiting for their turn.

Because of these restrictions, we are asking people to come on their own with their bikes and people will not be able to group together during or whilst waiting for the session.

If you think you need certain parts like inner tubes, chain, gear changers, etc. please make sure to bring them with you because whilst we keep a few parts for emergencies, we have very little storage. Our volunteers would also be happy to advise on purchasing more complex parts.

As you know our workshop is a completely voluntary run project and depends on donations to survive. So please do make sure to bring enough cash to cover a donation towards the workshop and also any emergency parts that you might need to purchase from us.

We will only accept cash and because of the COVID19 situation, we will not be able to give change.

Please note that there will not be any toilets available during the evening, and people are also kindly expected to take any rubbish back with home with them. 

As you can see we are trying our best to make these sessions as safe as possible for everybody, however people are expected to take responsibility for their own health and also that of others because dealing with this virus is a communal effort.
We hope that this system will work to the satisfaction of everybody, we ask people to cooperate and be patient. Be aware that you might have to wait for quite a while because of these arrangements and depending on the demand we might even have to turn people down on the night, though we would try our best not to.
 It is important to note that sometimes bikes are dealt with first due to the complexity of the problem and how long it might take to resolve so it’s not always on a first come first serve basis