April 2016 – Hackney Bike Workshops fixes and fittings!

March has nearly come and gone, but no worries: more sessions with Hackney Bike Workshop are coming in April!


In March, we have started offering bike fitting advice in all our sessions and it was a big success.  People have walked away very happy and have left us very positive reviews of the new service! If you are interested in receiving bike fitting advice, let us know beforehand as we want to reserve a mechanic for you for the night. We are already booked for parts of April, but there is still space for May (and you can turn up and see if we can fit you in although obviously there is the risk we cannot).

Usually fittings are very expensive services, but we want to make our fittings advice available to a wider audience, so we are sticking to a Pay-What-You-Can basis: while we want to be as inclusive as possible, please think about donating a honest amount, for fitting and fixing.

We do not receive any regular contribution towards our running costs, and we must pay ourselves for rent and tools. We would really appreciate if you could donate generously! 

The dates for our April workshops are:

  • Tuesday 5th April – Hackney City Farm, 7-9PM
  • Wednesday 13th April – Clapton Park URC at The Round Chapel, 7-9PM
  • Tuesday 19th April – Hackney City Farm, 7-9PM

Do arrive as early as you can to ensure we can help you. Contact us in advance if you have any queries or would like to volunteer.

Donations on the night towards tools and rent costs always welcome! And we will try to have something sweet for you to nibble on!