Transition Town Stoke Newington Open Space

Transition Town Stoke Newington is a community run organisation. Our aim is to empower ourselves and our community to deal creatively and positively with the environmental and social challenges that lie ahead. We will do this by first raising awareness of those challenges, which include climate change, peak oil and economic uncertainty, and then unleashing the collective genius of the community to come up with our own solutions.

We believe that a Stoke Newington which is less dependent on fossil fuels and less destructive to the environment is not only possible but that it can be a place that is more abundant and fulfilling to live in.

We are striving to include all parts of our community, working together towards a collective vision – a future in which we all have a say in designing and a stake in creating.

Along the way we will be enabling the re-skilling that is needed, knowledge sharing, forming subgroups with specific interests, networking with people and organisations, putting together an energy descent plan for Stoke Newington.

And having a lot of fun.

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Transition Town Stoke Newington is holding an open space event to discuss the question, ‘A greener, more resilient Stoke Newington: how can we make it happen?’

It builds on a successful Open Space event we held in 2010, which inspired a fruit harvesting project in Hackney, and a regular bike maintenance workshop in Stoke Newington. We’d love you to come with your ideas about what we could do now to make Stoke Newington a greener and more resilient community. Open Space events give you the chance to set the agenda, and decide what you want to discuss.

Children are welcome, and we’ll have separate activities for those under 11. And there will be a free lunch!  We’d love to see you there, please let us know if you might come by signing up – there’s no cost, but it will help us plan food and childcare.

Look forward to seeeing you there – and if you’d like to be involved in planning the event please get in touch too!


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