Stoke Newington Two-Way: Gyratory Consultation Open for Comment

Residents of Stoke Newington have a rare opportunity to tell the council what they think about the current one-way (gyratory) traffic system which is in effect around the area bounded by the High Street, Northwold Road, Rectory Road and Evering Road (map).

These roads are managed by Transport for London (the council manages the smaller roads in the middle of the gyratory) so the responses from this consultation will be used to inform the council's negotiations with TfL. More information about the consultation can also be found on the Hackney Council website.

Hackney Cyclists have joined up with the Hackney Branch of Living Streets (who do fantastic work making the UK's streets safe and enjoyable places for pedestrians) to produce a vision of how a civilised Stoke Newington street system might look:

What's wrong with the one-way system?

  • Encourages speeding
  • Bloats the length of local journeys
  • Turns residential streets into racetracks
  • Makes it hard to access the High Street by bus
  • Creates an inconvenient and intimidating environment for cycling

Why do we want two-way?

  • Lower speeds
  • More pedestrian crossings
  • Safer, more direct travel for all
  • A more lively, prosperous High Street
  • Bus stops where you need them
  • 1km of residential streets traffic-calmed

Check out the Stoke Newington Two Way! website for an illustration of what a fully two way Stoke Newington could look like and Trevor Parsons from the Hackney Cycling Campaign has an article in the Hackney Citizen which adds more context to the issue. 

Please take the time to submit your views to the consultation which closes on 10th January. It takes less than 10 minutes to complete and it could make the difference for a safer, more enjoyable and even more vibrant Stoke Newington to live in!