September 2016 – #Hackney Bike Workshop dates + welcoming new volunteers :-D

Now, August has been brilliant, hasn’t it??? Plenty of seriously hot sun and blue skies! Ideal for cycling, although too hot for some! We saw loads of you pour into our workshop looking to fix a million problems, to then ride away into the sunshine, and despite we had mechanics on holiday, we rose to the challenge and managed to fix nearly everything! With September, though, things will go back to normal and there will […]

August 2016 – Hackney Bike Workshops dates + still looking for volunteers :-D

Are you all enjoying the sunshine??? You should!!! We all know it won’t last long! Fix your bike now: still time to tan and pedal!As usual, if you need help with your fixes, you can rely on help from our mechanics who will teach you how it’s done. The dates for our August workshops are: Tuesday 2nd August – Hackney City Farm, 7-9PM Wednesday 10th August – Clapton Park URC at The Round Chapel, 7-9PM Tuesday 16th August – Hackney City […]

June 2016 – Hackney Bike Workshops dates + we are on a volunteer quest!

Where is 2016 ending up? It is quickly disappearing, in between spells of good weather and cold, rainy days which made us think of October! Will June be The Summer Month this year? Don’t wait for the sun to come out: fix your bike now so you are ready to pedal as you tan! The dates for our June workshops are: Tuesday 7th June – Hackney City Farm, 7-9PM Wednesday 15th June – Clapton Park URC at The Round Chapel, […]

May 2016 – Hackney Bike Workshops fixes and fittings!

And April is nearly finished, although it felt like it was January. Fear not, we have more learn-how-to-fix-your-bike workshops in May! The dates for our May workshops are: Tuesday 3rd May – Hackney City Farm, 7-9PM Wednesday 11th May – Clapton Park URC at The Round Chapel, 7-9PM Tuesday 17th May – Hackney City Farm, 7-9PM Do arrive as early as you can to ensure we can help you. Contact us in advance if you have any queries or would like […]